Isaac from Koren House

Isaac from Koren House is our gorgeous imported blue fawn boy. We coown this handsome boy with Starlight Kennels and look forward to his future. He is very sweet and calm. He’s never met a stranger and loves kids, cats and all things living!

OFA Hips - Excellent

OFA Elbows - Normal

OFA Heart - Good


Draco is our upcoming full european harlequin boy. He carries blue and fawn. We cannot wait to see how he matures! His future looks very promising. OFA- Hips Good 

M&M's Darkest Knight of Chicago Danes

Knight is our black mantle beauty! He is from imported parents and some of the best lines in Europe! He is a genetic tan point carrying fawn, blue, harlequin and pie. 

OFA- Hips Good


M&M's Stoic

Meet Stoic! He is a full european blue brindle merle boy who may carry mantle. He was produced right here in our kennel, sired by our boy Isaac and our girl Paisley. He does amazing with children and has a very gentle, laid back demeanor. He will be health tested soon and we will post his results here! He will be available to stud to approved females.

M&M's Marshall of Starlight

Marshall is our full european brindle merle mantle produced here, co-owned with Starlight Kennels. Marshall carries blue and is single kB. He is the biggest baby and loves to play outside. His absolute favorite activity is laying in bed and watching movies with the kids. Marshall will be open for stud after he completes his health testing.


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