Our Frenchie Girls


This is Peaches! She is an onyx brindle. She has an amazing disposition and loves to explore and find new things. 


Pebbles is our fawn merle that carries chocolate and blue. She is a very laid back and built very compact. 


Pandora is our chocolate fawn merle that carries blue and is a genetic tan point, she was imported from the Ukraine. She is the calmest of our frenchies and is happiest when lounging on the couch in her favorite spot.


Meet Pig, our cream Frenchie! She is an absolute sweetheart and an amazing mama to our baby piglets! She is inseparable from our daughters, Malaina and Mariah, as well as our Great Dane Bama! You will frequently find these guys romping around together. We love how compact she is and her cuddles are unmatched! 


Pickles is an onyx brindle that carries blue. She is a very compact Frenchie, at only 19 pounds. This girl is spunky and can hang with the kids and Danes alike!


Paris is our blue sable merle that carries chocolate and is a genetic tan point. She was imported from the Ukraine.  She is a very nurturing and loving mom. Her favorite thing to do is snuggle on the couch. 

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