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Our Frenchie Girls

M&M's Prim of Starlight
Prim is our gorgeous chocolate tri merle who carries blue and pie. Prim is very compact with a nice short stature. Prim is very sweet and loves to please. You can often find Prim cuddled with her best friend Merlin! 

Our youngest daughter decided she wanted to keep TT as soon as she was born. TT loves to play and does great practicing agility with our daughter Mariah. She is the daughter of our gorgeous Paris. 


Pebbles is our fawn merle that carries chocolate and blue. She is a very laid back and built very compact. 


Pickles is an onyx brindle that carries blue. She is a very compact Frenchie, at only 19 pounds. This girl is spunky and can hang with the kids and Danes alike!


Paris is our blue sable merle that carries chocolate and is a genetic tan point. She was imported from the Ukraine.  She is a very nurturing and loving mom. Her favorite thing to do is snuggle on the couch. 


Dream is our beautiful blue brindle female who carries cocoa and tan. She is very small and compact. She adores children and other dogs. Her favorite spot in the house is in our youngest daughter Mariah's bed. We often find these two snuggled up watching a movie together. 


Pearl is our gorgeous blue sable merle. She is the daughter of our gorgeous Paris. She has an amazing personality. She loves to play on the farm and go on adventures with the kids. 

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