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Our French Bulldog Studs

Dominic is our handsome blue tri harlequin merle. This handsome boy carries cocoa, pied, and testable chocolate! We co-own this handsome fella with Starlight Kennels. 

Yoda is a black and tan stud who was born here. We co-own him with Starlight Kennels. Yoda is from imported parents and carries cocoa, pied, bue and cream. 

Lil Stun
This little man is everything in a pint size package. He is very small and compact! He is a blue fawn merle who carries tan, cocoa, and pied! His puppies always have amazing ropes! He is co-owned with Starlight Kennels. 

This perfect boy was produced right here! He is chocolate trindle merle that carries fluffy, blue, and pied. He is full of personality! He is co-owned with Starlight Kennels. 

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