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Our Girls

M&M’s Cleo

Olive is our gorgeous full European  brindlequin female. My daughter Mariah absolutely adores Cleo. She has taught her lots of tricks over the years! They are best friends! Cleo carries tan point and blue, we cannot wait to see what she produces! 

M&M’s Regina

Regina is our beautiful Polish import from Blue Dream Rhapsody! Regina has never met a stranger. She loves everyone and everything! Her best friend is our 10 year old Mariah. She follows her around like a shadow!

M&M’s Addin' Some Spice

Basil was born here, she was just to perfect to part ways with. Basil loves to play and enjoys running around on the farm. She is her mother Paisley's twin! Our older daughter, loves to make Tik Tok's with Basil!  

M&M’s Twisted Tea of Starlight

Olive is our gorgeous full European blue brindlequin female. She is daughter of our handsome Stoic. Olive holds a very special place in our heart as she has some of all of our retired babies in her. 

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